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What signs should I look for when it is time to replace my roof?

A: There are many signs that you roof could be in disrepair and in need of replacement. Some of the more obvious signs are missing, damaged, or decaying shingles, leakage after hard rains and stains on interior walls and ceilings. A roof in need of replacement will always often show up in your energy bill, due to inefficient heating or cooling of your home.

I noticed a dark water ring on the ceiling, and I was wondering how long before the winter do I need to have this matter looked into?

A: Have the situation looked into as soon as possible. What may not look like to much damage to you, may actually be. There could be other things going on under the surface that could take some time to fix, so the sooner the better.

How long is the roof replacement process?

A: Depending on the type and size of roof you are having installed, it could take as little as a couple of days, up to a couple of weeks, wether permitting.

Should I replace my roof with Shingles or Metal?

A: Coming soon!